20 Mar. 2021


How often are we updating our database?

Our database is updating 2 times a day.

Why there are two lines in the graph ?

Price AVG ( red line)- is average value of sold items on the steam community market

Price Safe (green line)- is average value without suspicious sales (market manipulation)

If the market is stable, these 2 lines should overlap each other.

But at the moment when market starts making chaotic moves these two lines split.

Other concepts

Price last 90d- Safe price for last 90days

price last 30d- Safe price for last 30days

price last 7d- Safe price for last 7days

price last 24h- Safe price for last 24hours

price latest - Last updated safe price


price increased -shows only items, which price rises from last update

price decreased- shows only items, which price drops from last update

7days increased- shows only items, which safe price for last 7days is higher than safe price for last 30days

7days decreased- shows only items, which safe price for last 7days is lower than safe price for last 30days


Why our prices do not match with steam?

Graphs on the steam are showing you median prices.

Our graphs are showing you average prices.(deeper value of item )


WARNING: If you are trading/selling your items on third party markets prices may not match. We are collecting our prices from steam communitymarket. ALSO if you are trading/selling rare items with low sales on market or items with rare patterns, prices may be higher than on steam market. Keep on mind every trade/sell you make is on your own risk.